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;paranoia publishing group ltd ............................ ....major international publishing company    

the name comes from fenno-ugric words
para (absolute) and noid (shaman, stalker)

the semantic shift in the name is characteristic to our agenda: focus on innovation

we provide clients with carefully selected textual operations:



statistically the most abnormal texts on the contemporary literary market

- the most psychotic transborder dataflows
- irreversibly immanence-crossing deterritorialisations
- breakbeat of meta-meanings and hallucinating psycho geographies
- experimental and non-creatice literature, printed matter and text ar



the aim of ;paranoia is responsible action, consumer satisfaction and the destruction of reality



tartu botanic garden

9 may 2015

7 PM


⊡ ;paranoia presentation ⊡ books ⊡ sounds ⊡ text

Antye Greie aka AGF (Berlin-Hailuoto) - live

Richardas Norvila aka Benzo (Vilnius-Moscow) - sound installation

⊡ special guest mava



poemproducer AGF identified: as a e-poetess. musician. writer. producer. curator: re-ordering the left overs of e-poetry. a work in progress. known for artistic exploration of digital technology through the deconstruction of language and communication
has twice received the world’s biggest electronic culture festival ars electronica award, one of them a arand prix. she converts poetry into electronic music, calligraphy and digital media, presented on records, live performances and sound installations in museums, auditoriums, theaters, concert halls and clubs in europe, america and asia ⊡ other projects include the electronic duo Laub, The Lappetites, AGF/ DELAY (with Vladislav Delay), THE DOLLS (Vladislav Delay and Craig Armstrong) and Zavoloka/AGF, collaborations with Craig Armstrong, Ellen Allien, Gudrun Gut, Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, Rupert Huber, TBA aka Natalie Beridze







Richardas Norvila, Ph.D alias Benzo is a Muscovite sound artist, alchemist and philosopher of Lithuanian origin. He practices asemic writing and hypertextual poetry. Norvila has graduated from the Moscow State University, he also studied analytical psychology at C.G.Jung Institute in Zürich. Norvila`s book Divided Silence/Рваная Тишина consists of texts written in the Moscow metro and a set of symbolic drawings.




collection printemps-eté (limited editions):

the anthology of non-existent books
agf - the poemproducer
anders härm - three patriotic_speeches
a list of every band ever
_exotikdot - the pituitary galaxy
joanna ellmann - sulgunud ruum
richardas norvila - rvanaja tischina
cubus larvik - memorial_(cd)
jelena glazova – plasma
kiwa - enter the untitled
coming soon
kiwa & mihkel kleis - lennuki kõrval toas
psaiko - psaiko
taavi novek - valegiid
mare sabolotny - mida silm ei seleta
seeneriik on lähedal
joonas vangonen - punk ensv-s: kisa ja oksendamine
;paranoia lingerie haute couture




exotikdot "the pituitary galaxy" presentation jelena glazova "plasma" presentation at tartu university

;paranoia info day at tallinn city theatre. hafler trio aka dr a. mckenzie and dr ma phillips

presentation in riga

opening of ;paranoia summer days

psaiko presentation with dora bleu the list of every band ever, pt 1 presentation at tartu university with peeter volkonsky

anders härm "thre patriotic speeches" presentation at estonian contemporary art museum

taavi novek presentation at kultuuritolm festival rin la at cubus larvik presentation

the anthology of non-existent books presentation at kumu art museum

the state of the mushroom is near at patarave

r rr

patty smith concert afterparty


peoploids. the specialist on mystical texts, mr. jaakko hallas in the middle. see more pictures at our fb page