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limited edition collection printemps-eté













THE ANTHOLOGY OF NON-EXISTENT BOOKS while fiction-in-fiction as a literary technique is totally dependent on the context, this book skips over the frame story phase with a technical solution: the context for the non-existent books is the real world, instead of books. borgesian economy that compressed information is an energy cluster – créme de la créme of cutting edge estonian experimental literature. prize of the 16th tallinn print triennale read more



















POEMPRODUCER by AGF debut book by sound poet and poemproducer agf, winner of ars electronica grand prix. re-ordering the left overs of e-poetry. artistic exploration of digital technology through the deconstruction of language. read more






















TKUN ORHA PNUL color your mind - färbe deinen verstand - перекрасьте свой разум - dadaist colouring book with soundtrack by die-hard avantgardists Kleis & Jakapi read more



















A LIST OF EVERY BAND EVER is a reference book of synchronic overview of band names. the names are presented in alphabetical order with band names beginning with numbers and special characters appearing after the alphabetical series. read more










first monograph of estonian artist tarvo varres presents a selection of five works from 2010–2015, radiating light on earlier life, with essays by hanno soans, margus ott, marten esko and interview with mark raidpere. read more
















PLASMA by latvian noise artist jelena glazova. perception and possibility of different readings of the same work, search for perceptive switch possibilities that could arise from juxtaposition of media, such as text, image and sound. issues of physicality and individual's physical identification read more














MEMORIAL the letters are atoms and the words are molecules. they tower inside you an undefinable and extremely significant memorial. this is the centre of the circle, which is a constant in time. time can be extremely compressed and distorted there. it produces the pure sensation that is not restricted or cannot be reduced to any signifiers. you are in the desert. you are the center of the perfect circle. there are stars within the circle. read more















DOUBLE SPIRAL model is based on the concept of the emblem as a basic mnemonic unit and a model of asymmetric brain. this is a text that builds itself in an asymmetric dialog as a simulating game. dialog in turn is characterized with a constant shift or a gap between two language contours that could be detected through a mimetic identification of repeated key-words/images or clusters. read more















THREE PATRIOTIC SPEECHES by ANDERS HÄRM i can do or think anything anyway only by the right that i am idiot. the idiot is private thinker in contrast to the public teacher: the private thinker forms a concept with innate forces that everyone possess on their own account by right. but all I really want to do is to get back to the northerners, where the whole nation has become one big conceptual persona. read more













ENTER THE UNTITLED maliciously dry humor of textual operations, manipulation with communication errors, the partial deletion of operational diagrams and maps, the breakbeat of decoded imagery, and the blind observance of textology, which results in meta-meanings, noise and voids. read more

















PHANTOM PLATFORM is a secret agenda – indeterminable, yet instrumental idea, that everybody strives for. read more

















NECHERS a meditation on being human, metahuman and animal. nechers is a bold look at the main subjects of our time, over-fishing, pollution, fast food, digital communication, and the increasing power of the sociopath. semiotics, environmentalism and psychology are the main topics, in a playful, yet chilling, narrative. read more












is a list of architectural ideas born out of heuristic construal question how the effect of architecture could be expanded, how can a syntagmatic format communicate, and what results could be achieved by setting unconventional goals to architectural practice. ideas, in the context of this compendium’s house descriptions, are meant as anything in the widest sense that is the objects of thinking. read more










mäetamm is a prolific artist/author, he has been representing estonia twice at the biennale of venice. in this conceptual comic book he hijacks the form of internet chats that fatally lead to nothing. converting already alienated chats back into post-internet material, reality makes them even more isolated. by revealing the existential nature of the grotesque communication through absurd it becomes hysterically funny. read more









spiral of void

certain soviet-time estonian avant-garde underground typescript drawings by raul meel have been mutated, scratched and remixed. psychedelia as a critical cognitive technology oriented towards manipulating our pattern recognition into hallucinatory experience. In melting away of letters into liquid signifiers and fractals the breakthrough of Real starts to relativise our rational mindset. read more








nothing similar to an archive, film stills with the phrase “nothing” in the subtitles have been collected. the visual from the cine film is deconstructed and decontextualized, the vacuum of meaning behind the frame — “nothing” — becomes the new mantra. by decontextualizing “nothing”, we deconstruct the normative world-view, the mediated reality is deconstructed. read more


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