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Marko Mäetamm could be considered one of the most active and productive contemporary artists on the Estonian art scene. His career includes numerous international exhibitions, among others, the Venice Biennales of 2003 and 2007.

Mäetamm’s work is drenched in many styles and ideologies, and by combining their form and content reaches a rather unconventional outcome. Conceptualism, influenced by pop, crosses paths with existential philosophy, and through the artist’s filter, appreciating humour, the angst-ridden absurdity of existence finds its way into graphic art, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video or even applied art infused with black humour.

Grandfather is a conceptual portrait of 13 year old Marko's grandfather who was living in Canada. Through the random pop-trash goods sent to him, Mäetamm represents the late-soviet desire of exotic western life.


Marko Mäetamme uus raamat on kontseptuaalne portree tema Kanadas elanud vanaisast läbi teismelise väärtushinnangute. Vanaisa tähendas Markole eelkõige välismaalt saadetud asju, läbi mille avaldub nõukogude ühiskonna välismaa-ihalus. Raamat on eesti ja inglise keeles ning varustatud autorile omaste humoorikate piltidega.





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